May 2011 learning retreat

The first IWS learning retreat took place in May 2011 and was hosted by the IWS External Learning Facilitators (ELF) from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (IDS).

The learning meeting assessed three important aspects.

Part 1 - SenseMaker®

The first part of the learning retreat assessed the first round of analysis of SenseMaker ®. At this stage, there were few relevant stories submitted which focused on international experiences. As a result, limited learning was obtained. However, future learning retreats aim for more contributions from international water supply actors, and therefore more valuable learning.  

Watch and download the presentation analysing the first round of SenseMaker results. This presentation is a draft version which will be updated after analysis methods are improved. 

The presentation was updated in January 2012:


Part 2 – Feedback from ELF on consultation with external stakeholders

The ELF conducted interviews with a range of stakeholders to look at how effective Triple-S has been so far at enabling change towards sustainable service delivery. Interviews were conducted anonymously, but the ELF reported general issues to members of the IWS.

Download the report: 

Part 3 – Theory of Change

Another role of the ELF is to help Triple-S formulate a Theory of Change—a narrative that is useful for clarifying outcomes as well as the process chain of results needed to get to the outcomes.

Download the report (from the May 2011 learning retreat) on the Theory of Change:

Download the concept note on strengthening and monitoring the Theory of Change: