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Funding of water, sanitation  and hygiene services in Ghana  - Economic growth brings opportunities for raising domestic funds for water and sanitation, but challenges must be overcome to use them effectively and equitably.

The role of local government in the delivery of sustainable WASH services  - Strong local government is key to meeting the water demand. Representatives of national government, district local government and WASH service providers from Ghana, Burkina Faso and Uganda discuss challenges, way forward and support required.

Sustaining water facilities in Ghana, a film - Sustaining water facilities in Ghana’s rural areas is challenging. Villages are in charge of repairs, but often don’t have the money for it. Check out this short film on the activities of WASHCost Ghana.

CWSA's changing role - from facilitator of WASH facilities to regulator - Clement Bugase talks about the changing role of the CWSA as they seek to enhance their ability as a regulator more than a facilitator for the delivery of physical facilities.

Financing Post-Construction Support (direct support) - this documentary explores various  options and opportunities for post-construction support  for water and sanitation facilities in Ghana. It draws largely on efforts by two of IRC Ghana’s programmes: the Triple-S and WASHCost projects in facilitating sector dialogue and innovations to  addresses the situation.

Akatsi Water Board seeks sustainable pricing of water - How do you set a tariff for water in a small town, so that people can afford to pay and there is enough money to sustain the service? Representatives of the Akatsi Water and Sanitation Board, Volta Region, Ghana, highlight how they are making their decisions and how they have sorted their finances. They are using the life-cycle costs approach to identify their costs.

FLOW for monitoring water services in Ghana - Seth Damasah, Head of the District Water and Sanitation Team of Akatsi District in the Volta Region in Ghana, explains how FLOW is being used to monitor water services in Ghana.

Financing: a gap between policy and practice - According to Emmanuel Gaze (CWSA), there is still a big gap between policy and practice when it comes to financing. It requires innovative mechanisms devoided to fill the gap.

Towards sustainable water services in Ghana - Vida Duti is the Triple-S team leader in Ghana. She heads a team of 10 people, which is hosted by the government agency: Community Water and Sanitation Agency(CWSA). In seven short video clips Vida talks about the changes in the Ghana water sector towards sustainable rural water services.

Ghana Today shines spotlight on sustainability  - March 28, 2011- As part of World Water Day, Radio Ghana explored the sustainability of water services on “Ghana Today”. Mrs. Vida Affum Duti (Triple-S Ghana Country Team Leader), Mr. Benedict Kubabom, (Director of Planning and Investments of the Community Water and Sanitation Agency), and Mr. Samuel Atsumana (Administrator of Afiadenyigba Water Board) shared their views on water services in Ghana.