Towards sustainable water services in Ghana

Vida Duti, Triple-S  Ghana  leader, heads a team of ten people who are hosted by the Community Water and Sanitation Agency. In seven short video clips, Vida talks about how the Ghanaian water sector is moving towards sustainable rural water service delivery.

Clip 1: The Ghana water sector: the improvements made and the trade off between coverage and sustainability
In this first clip, Vida reflects on the successes of the Ghana water sector and the trade-off between reaching the unreached and sustaining what is already there.

Clip 2: Sustainability challenges of the Ghana water sector
In this second clip, Vida Duti uses the metaphor of a ship on a voyage to explain the challenges faced by the water sector in being able to sustain water services.

Clip 3: Having the data: monitoring service delivery
In this third clip, Vida Duti talks about the importance of monitoring water services to plan and direct investments. Triple-S has worked on functionality mapping using Field Level Operations Watch (FLOW). 

Clip 4: Coherence and harmonisation
In this fourth clip, Vida emphasises the need for a coherent approach between government and development partners and explains how Triple-S is facilitating the move towards increased harmonisation.

Clip 5: The way we work
Triple-S is not implemented as a traditional project. Focus is on mainstreaming the service delivery approach. How? Vida Duti explains, in this fifth video clip, the way Triple-S operates within Ghana's water sector.

Clip 6: Piloting and scaling up
In this interview, Vida Duti explains how Triple-S Ghana plans to move from piloting in three local districts towards scaling up. She explains the mechanisms put in place by Triple-S Ghana in order to support this shift.