Triple-S continuously shares lessons on the service delivery approach. Here, you can watch the presentations made by Triple-S for WASH sector stakeholders.


Understanding the Service Delivery Approach: the political economy of delivering rural water October 2014 
Putting the Plus into Community Management: experiences with Sub-County Water Supply and Sanitation Boards in Uganda   - Experience from IRC/Triple-S experiment with Sub-County Water Supply and Sanitation Boards to improve operation & maintenance in Uganda. October 2014 
Triple-S Annual Review and Planning Meeting May 2013 (Fort Portal, Uganda)
Triple-S Research Seminar September 2012 (Kampala, Uganda)
WASH learning event January 2012 (London, U.K.)
Triple-S at African Development Bank June 2011 (Tunis, Tunisia)
European Commission – European Investment Bank Seminar June 2011 (Brussels, Belgium)
Triple-S featured at the World Bank May 2011 (Washington D.C., USA)
WASH Conference May 2011 (Brisbane, Australia)
Sustainable Services at Scale - Triple-S February 2011 (London, U.K.)
Professionalising rural water services September 2010 (Stockholm, Sweden)
Providing Sustainable Services at Scale June 2010 (The Hague, The Netherlands)